Amir Mehmood | Software Solution Architect
  • Hello! I'm Amir

    I'm a solution architect of digital products that help humans to communicate with machine.

  • User Experience Design

    I design and apply user-centric software usability processes in the investigation of technical problems.

  • Creative Ideas For Ambitious Brands

    I love bringing fresh ideas with a stylish approach to everything I work on.

  • Built for the future. Delivered today.

    I'm focused on strategies that increase the reach & visibility of your apps across range of devices and platforms.

User Experience Design

UX Design

Great UX is about more than just looking nice - it is about feeling right and making the user an integral part of an experience. Too much going on and it distracts the user - too little, they struggle to figure out how to use it; there is a certain balance to it all. This is something I understand and implement into every app or website that I work on.

Web Development

Web Development

What separates you from your competitors? For starters, the user-friendliness of your website matters. I build everything from enterprise grade softwares to custom web applications that deliver an amazing user experience. This way, visitors can navigate, browse and purchase from your business without experiencing glitches that often result in customer loss.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Development

With Apple recently announcing over 80 billion downloads from the App Store, many developers are struggling to stay relevant in this competitive market. I'm focused on the trends and implement the latest coding techniques and methods into my work to ensure optimal app performance and ultimate user satisfaction.

Responsive Web Design and Progressive Web Apps


The days of your website being viewed solely on a desktop computer are over. Mobile devices are the new reality and your site needs to cater to all types of devices and screen sizes to maintain your brand positioning. I use the latest web standards and trends to make your website look awesome on different screen sizes and platforms even when your device is offline.

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing holds its importance in almost every field. Being on the cloud has certainly helped many businesses to save time and resources and access data to operate from anywhere. I can design and deploy highly scalable, maintainable, secure and cost effective apps using state of the art cloud technologies and best practices including continuous integration/deployment pipelines and serverless architectures.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning is all about learning from data, identifying patterns and making decisions with minimal human intervention. Self-driving cars, cyber fraud detection, online recommendation engines, sentiments analysis, self-learning IoT devices are just a few examples of machines learning. I can implement and train machine learning models to identify the patterns in any type of data that can help you to grow your business.

About Me

Hey, I'm Amir. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a Pakistan based experience designer and developer who spends most of his time understanding human-computer interaction. Growing up, I always had an interest in computers, but all kids did I guess. So when it was time to actually make a decision about what path to take in my life, in college that is, I decided to major in Computer Science. In the beginning of my college life I thought that computer science wasn't for me. I was fortunate enough to have web & print design internship in a digital media company during my college degree and that was how it all started. I've been involved in the design and development ever since.

I asked a lot of questions when I was a child, I wanted to learn how things worked, how airplanes fly, how cars move and that's how I learned, that's how we all learn that's how we grow into the people we are, trying to figure out the world. Once we're grown we lose this value. We stop asking questions, mostly because we can figure out the answers with some of the knowledge we've gained, but sometimes we assume things, or sometimes we just Google them. I never quit asking questions, and I think this is still what's driving me forward in my day-to-day life. I'm constantly curious about how things work, and most importantly how can they work better.

My Skills

JavaScript / NodeJS / Angular / React / VueJS
User Experience Design
Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketch
Progressive Web Apps / Responsive Web Design
Native / Hybrid Mobile App Development
AWS / Google Cloud / Micro-Services / Serverless Apps / IoT
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Business Intelligence
WebRTC / Adobe Flex / ActionScript / Flash Media Server

How to find me

I’m located in Lahore. The city of Lively Hearts, Festivals and Gardens.


    51-R Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan





  • Hours

    Mo.-Fri.: 9 am – 6 pm

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